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If you're ready to add the power of candlesticks to your FX trading, then these training programs are the right choice.

As the first to bring candlesticks to the Western world, I'm here to ensure that you learn the right way to interpret and use candlesticks.

Understanding the proper use of candlesticks can save you time, money, and a lot of stress. This is the ONLY candlestick training available that prepares you to tackle the FX markets with advanced candle strategies to identify... enter... and exit your trades at the right times.


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Frontline Forex: Volume 1
Frontline Forex: Volumes 1-2
Frontline Forex: Volumes 1-3
Candlestick Essentials
Single Candle Signals for FX
Double and Triple Candle Signals for FX
Candles to Enter
Candles to Exit
Avoiding Profit Leakers
Candles in Context
Using Candles as Support/Resistance
How Candles are Different in FX
Importance of Trend
FX Chart Challenges
Candles and Trendlines  
Candles and Bollinger Bands  
Candles and Oscillators  
Candles and Retracements  
Candles and Moving Averages  
If/Then Trading System  
Protective Stops  
Adapting to the Market  
Strategies Based on Time of Day  
10 Rules for Disciplined Trading  
Determining the Solidity of Support/Resistance  
Advanced Candle Analysis for FX    
Strict vs. Basic Pattern Definitions    
Order of Power of Single Candles    
In-depth "Nison Insights"    
Trading Breakouts    
Price Targets    
Using a Trading Journal    
Trailing Stops    
Blending Candlesticks    
Steve's Favorite Moving Averages    
How to Let Profits Run    
Using Intraday Candles    
"Bouncing Ball" Strategy    
"Blastoff" Trade    
6-Step Trading Checklist    
30-Day Money Back Guarantee       
Exclusive Fast-Action Bonuses Forex Fast-Track Training Video
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All Course Handouts

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Forex Fast-Track Training Video
Steve's Private Insider Email Address
All Course Handouts
Bonus Chart Challenges

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Forex Fast-Track Training Video
Steve's Private Insider Email Address
All Course Handouts
Bonus Chart Challenges
Private Webcast where Steve analyzes FX markets of your choice
Nison FX University for continuing education

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My goal is simple – I want to help you WIN BIG.

That's why I'm so passionate about developing the best possible training tools for you. And it's why I stand behind everything I create. .

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Every trader needs an advantage to win...and this is your double-barreled advantage no one else can touch!

When you're armed with these new insights and strategies, you'll have total confidence to tackle even the toughest trading'll never hesitate again because you'll instinctively know what to do...and you'll have the knowledge to cut those losing trades fast and let the winners run to capture more profits that other traders miss out on.

No one else is teaching this new information, because no one else knows about it!

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Traders Love Steve Nison's Candlestick Training...

“Steve Is The Man!”

"If you are tired of working for your money and you want to learn how to make your money work for you, Steve is the man!"
— Robert Turner


“Almost Like Continuously Ringing The Cash Register”

"The candles allow accurate, precise, earlier entries than anything else that I am aware of... it is almost like continuously ringing the cash register."
 — James Barret

“Your System Has Changed My Trading To Consistently Winning”

"After foolishly spending thousands in my first year trying to learn how to trade currencies. Your system has changed my trading from consistently losing to consistently winning in a short period of time."
— M. Bellamy



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